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This week's top Macao Influencers

Puinam (335.6k followers)


Puinam is a popular fashion influencer with an interest in travel, arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Her impressive following and content has gained her many brand deals with luxury names, from Chanel to Dior and Versace. Her fast paced life and love for all things fashion brings much enjoyment and entertainment to her followers.

Doris Lee (238k followers)


This soon-to-be mom with an eye for fashion enjoys posting her travels and personal life updates. Recently married, she often features her husband (@vittt_wai) in her posts among her celebration and prep work for her unborn child. She often posts wearing the latest trends and has a youtube channel where she documents all her adventures.

Joey (211k followers)


Joey is a dog mom and popular model in Macao. She enjoys posting funny content as well as photos from her latest shoots. She is also an avid singer, you can find some of her videos singing in front of crowds in her highlights. Her content mostly consists of her dog (Cassi), film, modelling and music.

Weng Chan (160k followers)


Weng is a lifestyle and travel influencer. His page mostly features his love of art and travel. He often posts pictures hanging out with friends and other influencers as well as his latest travelling. From Macao to Hong Kong and beyond, you'll definetly want to see what he's up to next.

Sheila Leong (50.7k followers)


Sheila loves all things food! A quick look through her profile shows you her latest foodie finds at popular Macao restuarants and eateries. She proudly shows her country's culture through its delicious foods. From portuguese egg tarts to caviar and whiskey, she has tastebuds for all of the best. Head over to her page to see where you should eat next.

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